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Here are some testimonials from people I have treated:


      • Tomaca came into the store and there I was with a migraine. She gently touched my head and an area in my lower back started to tingle.  After a few minutes, the migraine vanished! Because I mentioned the tingling in my lower back, she said that was the location of the stress I was carrying.  (Yesterday was a bad day and had me stressed out.)  She touched the lower back area and the heat from her hands began again.  Immediately all of the muscles relaxed and I was able to stretch and felt a small pop in my spine and I felt great!  It was so awesome to be able to finish out my day without that migraine!  She's got miracle hands!  - Connie M.


      • She told me I didn't have to take off my jacket.  All of a sudden, it felt like there was a heating pad between my shoulder blades.  I sit hunched at a computer every day and I know my posture is terrible - the ergonomic situation is awful and this is where my greatest pain was - right in between my shoulder blades in the middle of my back.  I couldn't believe there was so much heat. I asked her to stop so I could feel her hands and they were just regular temperature. She said the heat is the healing.  She continued and after about 10 minutes, the pain was completely gone.  I couldn't believe it! I'm going to call her "iron hand woman" from now on! LOL! - Your bud Kevin - oh - and I'm going to call you to set up time to see my mom; she's not feeling great.


    • My son had surgery to remove two embedded wisdom teeth.  He still had a lot of pain and swelling two days after the surgery. After Tomaca treated him, he was perfectly comfortable.  The swelling had noticeably gone down too.  I couldn't believe it.  - Denise N.


    • I am allergic to animals -- I was allergic to animals. My mom went to France for work and I was spending a week at my godmother's house and she has cats.  Even with my allergy medicine,  I was very uncomfortable.  When Ms. Tomaca put her hand over my sinuses, I could feel them clearing up and then when she touched my neck, my sore throat just disappeared.  I couldn't believe it and asked her how it was possible for this to happen.  My allergies where gone!  I am no longer taking medication for allergies.  I can visit my friends who have dogs and cats now and be comfortable.  - Nia B.


    • I had torn a ligament in my upper thigh.  Though I had been to the doctor and it was healing, I was always in a lot of pain.  Tomaca took the pain away completely.  She advised me to continue to be careful and to follow the doctor's instructions because even though there was no pain, it was still healing.  It was well worth the trip to drive down from Massachusetts to meet her.  - Gail S.

Peace, Love, Happiness and Healing!!!

    • She did a home visit and my wife and I both got the full body treatment.  We were so relaxed and energized at the same time.  Felt like we had gone to a spa for treatment!   Mr & Mrs S.


    • I stopped smoking 30 years ago.  Smoking destroyed my sense of smell.  In order for me to smell something, the odor had to be extremely strong.  Tomaca held her hands over my nasal passages, covering part of my sinus cavity and I immediately felt tremendous heat from her hands.   I was actually counting how long it would take.  After three minutes, the heat dissipated, she removed her hands and I could smell!  For the first time in 30 years!  I originally went to see her about the pain in my neck, which she alleviated and I ended up being able to smell again.  I don't know how she does it, but it's amazing to me!  - Brian U.


    • I'm completely flat footed.  I do not have any arch at all in my feet.  I'm a dance instructor, so by the end of the day, my feet are killing me.  My husband bought me a foot massager and it gives me some relief, but, Tomaca completely removed all of the pain from both of my feet.  I was astonished.  She touched both of my feet and said "tell me when the pain is gone."  And, it was gone.  I couldn't believe it.  She treated my feet every day for a week and now I don't have pain like I used to.  I'm still flat footed, but pain free!  If the pain comes back, I will see her again.  - Virginia C.


    • I knew my daughter was getting an ear infection.  She had a temperature and kept rubbing her ear.  I thought I would bring her to Tomaca before I brought her to the doctor.  I knew the doctor was just going to prescribe antibiotics and if I can avoid constantly putting my toddler on antibiotics, I know it's healthier for her.  Tomaca came out to the car because my daughter was in the midst of her nap and I didn't want to wake her.   She knew which ear it was intuitively, placed her hand over it, over my daughter's head, temples and lymph nodes in the neck. I then left to bring my daughter to the babysitter.  I kept tabs on her throughout the afternoon until I got off work at 7:00 pm.  She slept a lot and was very quiet that day.  The next morning she woke up and was back to her regular active self and there was no temperature.  She was perfectly fine and we did our morning playtime at the playground.  I will keep using Tomaca any time my daughter seems to be coming down with something.  - Akasha G.


    • I was in a car accident 19 years ago and hurt my lower back.  I have been in constant pain all of these years. You just learn to live with it.   Certainly, my weight doesn't help; I need to lose 90 lbs...  Anyway - this wonderful woman treated me three times.  My lower back was in so much pain, that I couldn't even let someone touch it.  When Tomaca first started the treatment, I asked her how she was going to do anything because she couldn't touch my back.  She said "I don't have to touch you," and held her hands a distance from my body. I could feel this soothing heat coming from her hands.  I was laying on my stomach and as she did my whole spine, it felt like I had a nice heating pad on me and I could have easily gone to sleep.  Though I felt the heat, my lower back was still in a lot of pain.  She said to just let the energy take its time and do its work.  An hour later, I felt a noticeable difference.  I was beginning to feel comfortable.  After the third session - I'm not doing back flips, but I am no longer using my walker.  I used the walker because of the pain in my back.  I have very little discomfort now.  My children are a lot happier knowing that I'm not taking my walker when I go out.  I can't believe it.  I've been to every kind of doctor you can imagine trying to get rid of this pain and now it's gone.  I got my life back.   - Brandy M.

  • I am a chiropractor.  I had so much pain in my neck that I couldn't turn my head.  I even had my partner do an adjustment on me to try to get rid of the pain.  Nothing worked.  Tomaca came in, put her hands on me and in about four minutes, I had no more pain and turn my head easily. We talked during the treatment and she told me, this is where all of your stress builds up in your body - what are you stressing out about?  I told her what I had been worrying about and she helped to remind me to view my issues in a positive light and to have gratitude.  These are things I tell my own clients all of the time.  What a blessing it was that she was there!  I think God did that just so I could get that reminder!   -  Dr. J.


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