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Soul Motivation

Turn on your heart light!


What is stopping you from shining?  Try some of my soul motivation. Let's see if we can get you shining!

Who are you?   What do you want to do?   What's holding you back?  Are you lost?

What is confusing you?  Do you need ideas, suggestions?

Or do you just want to talk?


Healing the mind, heals the body.   

If you would like to speak to someone who is very present, fully attentive and is very good at "giving you back to you," I'm here.

Most of my life, people have been drawn to me and wanted to tell me their "woes."  I've always listened and commented if asked.  I am making this a formal part of my healing work and sharing my gift.  I can provide you with insight and help you discover what is underneath your struggles which will enable you to change them.

I once asked the Universe, "why is life so hard?"

The response was, "Life is easy; you make it hard."

That response resonated within me and brought me to a vastly deeper understanding of my life, myself and the environment around me.  If you've made things complicated or if you are surrounded by a puzzle, know that you have all of the pieces.  Let me help you put them into place. 


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