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This Touch Therapy Works!


It has been proven that touch therapy can help to promote healing.  An increasing number of hospitals are employing touch therapy as part of their patient therapy recovery process.  I have a gentle hands on technique that directly transfers energy into someone's body.  I call it "Love Inspired Healing Energy."  This love energy can promote a reduction in pain, muscle tension and anxiety.  It can also promote wellness and a greater sense of being.  It is a safe, non-invasive method.

My name is Tomaca (to-may-sha). I will tell you first and foremost that I am a singer.  However, as with many of us, The Creator had other ideas and other gifts to bestow, this "love energy" or "healing touch" being one of them.  I am also a Medium and a Dream Diviner.

I have a great love for people and am honored to have the ability to be able to do these things to help others.  People feel heat with my touch and have experienced very positive effects. For those who receive the full body treatment, they have expressed that their entire body feels energized and relaxed.

Be open to wholeness, wellness and love.  Love Inspired Healing Energy is from The Creator, through me, to you.  Try it, you'll feel wonderful and love it!

There are different levels of treatment.  We can concentrate on an area of discomfort or pain or we can treat your entire body.  I always suggest the full body treatment; but, please choose the option that you are most comfortable with.



What Are You Thinking?

In addition, the goal is to also help you to identify and eliminate the thoughts that can cause your body to be in pain or discomfort. For instance, excessive worrying can bring about headaches or neck pain (tension).  We try to help you to be cognizant of what could potentially be behind the cause of your ills. By listening to how you describe your situation, suggestions can be made to help you control your thought process in an effort to help you to be more positive.  Assisting with your soul searching and providing spiritual or uplifting counseling is something that is offered as part of full body treatment and extended treatments. As a Dream Diviner, I show people how their dreams respond to their thoughts, thus teaching them more about their lives.  Our body does the same thing.  It speaks to us based on our conscious or subconscious thoughts, always reflecting ourselves.




Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.

~ Proverbs 16:24

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