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Love Inspired Healing Energy is a non-invasive, holistic approach to healing which stimulates the receiver's own recuperative powers. It is a modern form of laying-on-of-hands and is based on the principle of energy infusion into the receiver's body.  It is useful to reduce or eliminate pain, promote healing, and to elicit a relaxation response.

Our goal at Love Inspired Healing is to promote general well-being, improve health, and to aid the body in healing itself.

Choose to Be Well!

The human body is designed to heal itself.  It has an intelligence. If you cut your finger, what happens?  The body begins immediately to heal.  This is how the body responds to all instances of injury or nutritional/chemical imbalances. It repairs itself to the best of its ability.

Food is fuel!  Food is medicine.  If the food you eat is consistently lacking in certain nutrients, you are not giving your body the things it needs to be healthy and stay healthy.  Dis-ease is the result.  Even thoughts – stress, worry, fear, anger, etc. – can cause changes in the body.  But, by that same principle, love creates positive reactions to the skin we live in.

There are many pathways available for healing and to relieve aches and pains. But, many fail to address the pain in our hearts and minds. Through a confidential, open dialogue, we can talk about what things are pressuring you to help you to identify thoughts that could possibly be feeding your discomfort and influencing your body.  I am dedicated to assisting you.  Give yourself the gift of Love Inspired Healing Energy!


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